Wednesday, March 11, 2009


So, we weren't able to get through childhood with no broken bones. Little chicken got her hand shut in the truck door, and it's broken. She is so "put out" at having to have a pink cast and all. Our little middle girl is doing everything she can come up with to break something, and finally resorted to asking "When they cut your cast off, do you think I could wear it for a few days?"

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Let's play Star Wars!

So, this is how little girls that don't have brothers play Star Wars.  They know about Star Wars, sort of, not really, but they know some of the names.  So here is how it went, more or less.
#1 Hey do you guys want to play star wars?
#2 I get to be the girl Yoda
#3 I wanted to be the girl Yoda
#2 You can be my little girl Yoda
#1 ok, and I'll be Princess Leah
#2 Princess Leah, will you tend my little girl Yoda?
#1 Sure, how old is she?
#2 I don't really know because it's hard to tell when she's kind of a monster, but she's probable 3 or something.  She doesn't have her own life saver yet.
#1 I have to go in my spaceship to a party, do you care if she comes?
#2 No, I'm going to girls night out with my friends, so just bring her back when your party is over.
#3 Hey, I don't want to be little, let's say that I'm a Preschool Teacher Yoda, and you guys can bring your pretend kids to me for preschool.
Later in the game
#3 Princess Jedi, (in her best British accent) the Dark Lord is here, what do I do??!!??
#2 Just punch him in the face, that's what I always do, and it works pretty well.

and so it goes.  I adore my little girls.