Saturday, April 30, 2011

San Juan 2011

We got on the river early this year, and did an awesome Easter San Juan. The adults were out-numbered on this trip 12 adults, to 13 kids. It was so fun. We had nice weather, great company, and all around good times. The Easter bunny totally showed up. It was awesome, we woke up to Easter baskets right outside out tent,

and easter eggs scattered all over the beach.

We lined up the kids, said ready set go, and off they went.

Chicky found the "golden egg" and scored herself some cash!!

I was trying to tell my friend today, just how amazing the river is. Rafting is without question my favorite thing to do. So, here I give you my top 5 reasons that I love being on the river so much.

#1 Hanging out on the boat all day, with just my 5! No phones, computers, tv, other people, nothing. Just us, talking, laughing, and growing together as a family.
#2 Hanging out with other super cool people! Hearing fabulous stories about other people's lives, and again, no phones, or computers!!
#3 Getting to see the coolest stuff ever!

#4 Eating every meal outside, is the best!
#5 Sleeping in a tent. Telling and listening to stories, whispered conversations among sisters, the sound of the river, all around togetherness.


I have lived in Utah my entire life, and I am sincerely shocked every spring when we have a day like this...

#2 in her "first favorite shirt" and "second favorite pair of pants."
.... Then, we get snow the next day!