Sunday, March 28, 2010

Easter Dresses

I LOVE Easter dresses! More than Christmas dresses for sure.

K, don't knock the flower!! I know it's bigger than her head, but dang!! I think it's so cute!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Make-Over Saturday

Every Saturday morning, our oldest girl does make-overs for her little sisters. It is the most exciting thing ever! She gets out the make-up, polish, every hair appliance (ok, both hair appliances) we own, gel, hairspray, and OUTFITS!! She transforms her sisters, and then herself into pure beauty queens.

one of many new rooms

I have this little girl affectionately known in our house as Pie. For quite some time, she has wanted an orange room. I couldn't wrap my head around what an orange room would look like, for the life of me, so I put it off. Then, I saw this blog. This chick is amazing, and totally inspired me get the orange room done.
So, the boy went to Taiwan, and the girls went to work. Pie brought me three crayons one day and said it has to be one of these colors! My choices were red/orange, orange, and yellow/orange. We chose red/orange and wowee, it was bright. Here is the room before . . .
. . . and here it is now.
Boy called from Taiwan one night while my mom and I were measuring the wall slats and whatever he heard totally concerned him. He said "What are you doing? Are you measuring??? What are you doing that requires measuring???" He's a good sport about my projects when he's away.

I made the quilt on the end of her bed with the help of my awesome neighbor. The canvas above her bed is my version of this, my new totally favorite artist. I've re-done 4 rooms in the house, I'll get them up soon-ish. It's my goal.