Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ducks: take II

So, my parents got rid of the land ducks, and bought some for sure water ducks. Well, ducklings. So we had to have a welcoming party and bring all the kids over to play with the ducklings. They are so stinking cute. The kids were going down to the pond and bringing up handful after handful of delicious bugs, and those teensy little ducks were inhaling them. We will for sure have an introduction to the water party. I'll let you know. So the ducks have been named, Paloma, Lela, and Blue, and interesting duckling facts that we found with all these little kids "loving" up the ducks: 1. ducklings bounce better than you might have thought, 2. if you "love" a duckling a little tooooooooooo hard, it squirts what-not out of it's bottom and 3. giant poodles can get jealous of ducklings, and try to snack them down.

last day of school

Our last day of school. We had a neighborhood party, said goodbye to teachers, and welcomed in freedom and togetherness for the next three months! Halleluja!! I love having my girls home!

like a professional

My cute little girl had to teach herself to ride a bike because her mother never really got around to it! She was so determined, and so she practiced and practiced, and I would run with her until I was too tired, then she'd go by herself again. Bless her heart, she is so focused. She also gave courage to her older sister who hasn't cared one way or the other to ride a bike. That one just jumped on and went like she'd been doing it for years. All sorts of good times. Summer is for sure off to a fabulous start.

Saturday, May 23, 2009


"Mom, let's beauty me up today. I'll go get my make-up and some jewels."
Oh how I love this little girl

Live wElle

There is a super fun 5k in our neighborhood every May. It is a scholarship run in memory of a cute little girl called Elle, that was killed in an auto accident a few years back. Her incredible family started this scholarship program in her memory. It is well attended, and all sorts of cool. This year, my oldest and I ran in it. She did the 1 mile race in her age group and rocked it I must say. I ran the 5k with my great friend. It was cool morning. After the race, and awards and everything, they handed out pink and white balloons to all the kids and we let them go all at once. It was very cool. This family has turned their own personal tragedy into something amazing. It was fun to be a part of it, and we look forward to next year.