Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Outdoor Summer Theater

We are privileged to have such talented children around us that delight us with amazing theatrical productions. Who needs Broadway when with only two hours of rehearsal, some Barbie make-up, and a few garage sale dress-ups we can have fabulous out door theater in our very own yard!?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


We met up with some friends at the city carnival tonight. It was of course a crowded disaster. My friend Katie put it best in her blog, and I quote " know the crowds, the scary looking people you try hard not to judge but can't, the expensive food and kids whining." I saw more shoe-less children, painful looking piercings, very large tattoos, very VERY large hair, belly fat that really should have been covered, and just plain crack tonight, than I have seen the rest of the year combined. It's a must-not-miss event!

Monday, June 9, 2008

canyon trail

For FHE tonight, we took our girls up the canyon to walk along the trail. Everything was so green, and so beautiful!!! I wish our weather could keep it that way, unfortunately, we only have a few more weeks of it, then everything will be brown again. Just for the record, I do, do my children's hair, just not every day!

dance recitals

We spent the day Saturday at dress rehearsal for the big ballet and jazz recital coming up in a couple of weeks. The ballet we're doing this year is "Sleeping Beauty" with the Tchaikovsky score. It is so beautiful, and I love that the girls are part of such a cool performance. The next day, at the Jazz show, the younger two are tapping to some Broadway themed piece, and our oldest is performing with her Irish class. It was a long day of waiting to go on stage, adjusting lights, music, costumes, make-up, buns, head pieces and everything else. I'm a nerd I know, but it was such a fun day, and brought back such great memories. Sleeping Beauty is the last ballet I did before my mission. It's fun to go through it again with my girls.

Friday, June 6, 2008

I'm a tightwad... I mean, I'm a dog groomer

So there are totally things that I'm willing to spend money on. My dog getting groomed really isn't one of them. I could buy a fabulous chair for my living room in what I would pay to have the fluff ball groomed every year. So, I've decided to become a dog groomer once a month.

Above is the before shot. She's soooo cute isn't she? This was taken after I cut in between and underneath her eyes (which weren't really visible before). She gets so hot, so the girls and I decided that it wasn't so bad doing her face, we'd just do the rest of her.

This is after we cut about 2 inches off her whole body. It's a little choppy, I couldn't really quit laughing, and my neighbor gave me a stern scolding, but seriously, it's a dog.

As soon as I get a little bit better, this is what I'm hoping to achieve ..., then I'm going to buy some sassy black support shoes, and a khaki skirt, and practice running with my arms straight down, and get Ruby into some contests!

Until that time though, my dog is going to be the result of my secret desire to cut hair.