Thursday, June 24, 2010


I love summer all too much. We got a zoo pass this year. Our zoo isn't as depressing as it used to be. I actually quite like the zoo. My kids got to go with their favorite ever people on the planet! #1 was at 5th grade camp. More on that later.

There were totally animals too, but who wants to see pictures of animals?


The Ekker Girls are dancers. We dance at this really amazing studio that I love!! We put on a full production ballet every year, and every year I love my studio more and more. This year, the ballet was Coppelia. I love the ballet, and I really love the music.

This little was a village girl. I didn't get photos of her dancing because she is in my class, so I was dancing at the same time that she was. Bummer, because she was oh-so-adorable.

Little #2 was a Story Teller. Act 1 dance 1. She started the whole show!

#3 was a Russian Doll, and a Baker at the wedding. She's getting so good. She's a full foot shorter than everyone else in her class. Oh well.

Friday, June 11, 2010


It was an Ekker girls outing this week. Our boy couldn't come which was a bummer, but still, we had fun with our way awesome neighbors.



Going Out ("Could you seat 26? 9 adults.")

More from live wElle

Crossing the finish line.

I heart my camera

This camera is the best camera in the WORLD!!! Waterproof, heat and cold-proof, shock-proof, sand-proof, and it takes AMAZING pictures that are clear, and now you should buy this camera. Right now.