Tuesday, October 7, 2008

hot as what?

Me: Girls get you coats on, it's cold outside.
#2: But it's not cold at gymnastics.
Me: But it will be cold before and after.
#2: It's not cold at gymnastics, it's as hot as a red-headed chicken boiling in a hot spring. . . .or whatever.
Me: What was that again?
#2: You know that river that you went on this summer, and me and (#3) stayed home, and it had hot springs?
Me: The Middle Fork?
#2: Yea, it's as hot as like a chicken in THAT!!!

There you go, my darling daughter. She is so wonderful, I can't even believe she's mine.

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Debra said...

She really said a "red-headed chicken"? I'm so glad you posted this. The laugh felt good. For her entertainment value alone she's worth hanging on to.