Saturday, April 25, 2009

the ducks

My parents have a spring fed pond in their back yard. To keep the algae down, they have ducks. Two years ago, they had three ducks that before long turned into around 30 ducks. The pond can feed about 2. So, we got a gargantuan dog kennel, and my nephews, armed with sheets, nets, and all manner of duck-intimidating what-not, gathered the ducks and took them to a local business that has a huge pond and other ducks.
The next year they got two more ducks that got into the adjoining creek and now live down stream a bit. This year, they have the yard fenced so there can be no escaping ducks, they bought two ducklings, raised them in the greenhouse for a while, and finally were ready to introduce the ducks to the pond. This is always quite funny as the ducks go sort of crazy when they get in the water for the first time. So, I went overboard as I usually do and called a bunch of my friends and neighbors to come to the duck party.
They all showed up with cameras, and lots of anticipation that it was going to be an AMAZING event. My parents got the ducks herded in their cage, caught them, put them in the pond, and . . . .
they swam around lamely for a little bit then got out. My dad called the place where he got them and found out that they are not water ducks?!? They live on dirt and bugs, and don't spend time, or feed in the water. Who would have guessed? So, we'll try again, I'll for sure let you know.


Angi said...

that made me giggle. it sure is a fun view up here from the top of the food chain. meanwhile, those ducks are thinking what idiots we humans are!

Debra said...

OK, that's just plain funny. But why not use it as an excuse for a party? Just shows how fun you are!