Saturday, July 25, 2009

For the Love of $$$$$

I'm not sure where it comes from, but this little is a little bit obsessed with money! She is constantly trying to earn money, or otherwise come by it (like, say, tearing her teeth out??). When her older sister pulled a tooth, she prayed in her prayers that night "that the tooth fairy will find us and bring lots of money so we can have everything we've ever wanted, and both have DS's." There you go. Any way for a couple of days, this is what she came up with.
Gymnastics classes:
She came in the house and asked "Are people still driving home from work?" I told her they were and she all of the sudden got sad and asked "Then why aren't they stopping to sign up?" I went out to investigate and found this sign on the door, and there she was sitting pretty with a registration sheet and pen in hand, just waiting for people to come.

The next day she came in the house all sorts of sad. I asked her what was wrong, and she said "I'm trying to sell gravel for only a dollar a piece, and no one will buy it!" I told her that people wouldn't pay that much for a piece of gravel, and that maybe gravel wasn't the best thing to sell because there was SOOOO much of it in the side yard. Then, positively fighting back tears she said "but I picked out the pretty ones." Oh, how I adore this little thing.
Her little friend was getting all that she could and shoving it down her jammies just as fast as she could. She knows a good deal when she sees one and man, if this stuff is worth a dollar a piece she wasn't about to miss out on that. She went home about 10 lb's heavier.

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