Sunday, October 18, 2009

bike ride in the canyon

We have a trail by our house that goes all the way up the canyon. The fall leaves are amazing right now, so we decided to take a ride up the canyon and take it all in.

As a matter of fact, you can fit 4 bikes into a minivan. You just have to make sure the kids are buckled really well, and drive with all the doors open.

Why yes, that is a snowboard helmet she is wearing, she was WAY to embarrassed to wear her bike helmet because it has stars on it! There you go.


Patty said...

I'm assuming this is Hobble Creek Canyon - I love it up there, esp this time of year!

I LOVE that last picture!!!!

Angela Fielding said...

You are seriously super Mom! You do so many fun things with your girls! I just love ya!!!!!!

Megan said...

That last photo captures the essence of childhood-- innocence and complete happiness. I love it.