Thursday, May 27, 2010

San Juan

We just got back from a lower San Juan trip. It was super fun. It was totally a 4 day celebration!

This chicken graduated from Kindergarten (straight from the river!)

This chick made the 5th grade honor roll!

This guy turned 5!!!!!

These guys celebrated their 10th anniversary!
yes, I totally stole this photo right off their blog.

The river is beautiful! The wild flowers were out in full force, and were so beautiful!

It was a total kid-fest. The best ever! I love kid trips so much, they make everything so much more fun. Here are way too many pictures, but I love them all.

looking for the hugest lizard!
swimming at Slickhorn

looking at tadpoles

climbing at Grand Gulch

Happy Birthday to you!
We got some hideous wind on day 3, and had to pull the boats. Rowing wasn't too effective. It was a looooooong day!
Our camp that night though was beautiful and we had a fabulous night. The last boat came in nearly at dark. I hate upstream wind.... a lot!

It was beautiful canyon, and a fun trip. Thanks everyone for making it go.


The Blogs of My Life said...

what a great photo! Awesome looking place.

clinton said...

I like the cute pictures on you blog. I hope that you are become a succesful someday.hmm do you have a facebook.?

saiful FIVEN 2005-2011 said...


Where are you from??