Saturday, April 5, 2008

I love these pictures, and decided to post them. I don't know how I got black eyes and transparent green eyes from the same gene pool, but I love it all the same. I don't have new photos of Ruby on the computer yet, but I have to say, thanks to a great book (that I didn't actually read, someone just told me the basics), she is doing marvelously at her crate training. It's all quite good now, and we are again happy that we have a dog.


thetaylors said...

How could you ever say no to those faces?

Sage Pierce said...

Hi Ettie! This is Sage Pierce. I found your blog through the Payne's blog. It is so great to see updated pictures of the girls! Seriously, I am sure that you already are, but you are in for some serious trouble! They are so beautiful!!!
We wish we could have been in Moab again with you guys! It looked like you guys had a great Easter trip!! This summer in Idaho though, right?
Anyway, hopefully it is ok to link your blog to ours? Our blog is:
Take care!