Thursday, March 13, 2008

Daddy Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!!!

Our friends were recently "blessed" with 6 Shih-Tzu puppies. Our girls have been begging (to put it mildly) since Alice the Hamster died last year, for a dog. Their parents are not animal type people on the other hand, and so the answer has been no, until I saw them, and oh my goodness. they are so stinking cute. So then it turned into "You have to ask Dad." My darling husband has never really been able to say no to his girlies, and proof that miracles still happen, we have been given permission to buy a dog!!! We picked out a little female called Daisy. We can have her after Easter. Heaven help us. Any potty training tips for notoriously stubborn and not easily trainable dogs would be much appreciated. Daisy is the one being held by Xanadu on top, and is in the middle of the lower photo. She is chocolate, with a little white spot on her chest. I don't know if "Daisy" will stick as the girls have also come up with "Tulip", "Tallulah", and "Alice" ... again, sentiment.


Cori said...

your girls are so lucky! my girls will be jealous! good luck with the potty training. :(

flyfishingak said...

It is about time you guys jumped on the dog train!! Get a kennel and make sure when you are not around to put her in the kennel. A dog will not go to the bathroom in a closed space and when you take her out make sure you take her to the spot and say go to the bathroom!! Good luck I hope she is not a chewer!!

The Happenin' Harwards said...

You are too nice. My kids beg for a puppy all the time and I had to lie and say we are allergic. I can't handle the idea of another living thing to take care of right now, because guess what? YOU will be doing all the caregiving. They say they will help but it's always the mom! Good Luck!