Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ruby Delilah

Welcome the newest Ekker girl to the family! We finally have a baby girl in the house! She's a Shih-Tzu, she's covered in dark fur, she demands attention, and she responds well to baby talk! The girls are in heaven, and the boy is coming around to her.


flyfishingak said...

That is a cute little puppy dog!! Your girls are going to have a blast with that puppy. Good job Gary!!

thetaylors said...

It looks like it has Garys eyes. You guys are so hollywood now with your little dog you can take shopping with you, and on airplanes, you can dress it up and to all the fashionable parties. Paris Hilton called and she was pretty jealous, now she wants one just like yours, Ellen had one, now she wants another one. see what you have started. We have Gold dog that would make a great companion to your dog, we will drop her off next time we are up north.